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Bonus Tiime hosts a sports betting tournament every week. And in addition, participation is FREE!

How to participate?

Sign up on Bonus Tiime. Then you simply log into Bonus Tiime and you can encode your bets.


Rules are very simple! You enter your predictions, if you have the exact score you get 20 points, if you just have the winning team you get 10 points but the closer you get to the exact score the more additional points you will get. Obviously if your bet is wrong, you get no point. The first 4 will be rewarded! The first will win €200, the second €100, the firth and fourth will win each €50.
If you have a problem while creating your account or for any other question, please contact or live support.

The matches

Five matches have been selected. To participate, all you need to do is indicate your prediction for each match. In order for your prognosis to be validated, do not forget to click on the “validate” button. You can change your bet at any time, up to 15 minutes before the start of the match.

  • 21 Jun 21h00




  • 23 Jun 21h00






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