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The legal notices (hereinafter referred to as “Legal notices”) contain important legal information relating to the visit and use of the bonustiime.com website (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”).

We invite you to read them carefully before visiting the Site or using it in any way.

By accessing the Site, the pages it contains or the services offered (all texts, data, information, software, graphics and photographs, among others (all referred to as “Content”)), any visitor (hereinafter referred to as) “User” expressly acknowledges having read the conditions described in our Legal Notice and in accept the content that he undertakes to respect without reservation. If the User does not agree with these conditions, he is requested not to visit or use the Site.

Conditions of navigation and use of the site

Use of bonustiime.com requires you to confirm:
– Be of legal age to gamble (may vary by country).
– Have read and accepted our terms of use and our privacy policy.

Attention, regular updates are made on bonustiime.com but we cannot be held responsible errors or omissions, loss or damage related to the use of the content of the site.

Liability of Bonus Tiime

Access to and use of the Site and the information made available to Users by Bonus Tiime are subject to their full responsibility.

Bonus Tiime takes the greatest care in the quality of the content posted on the Site. Bonus Tiime makes every effort to deliver correct and up-to-date information and correct any errors as soon as possible, as soon as these errorsre brought to his attention.

Regular updates are made on bonustiime.com, Bonus Tiime cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions, loss or damage in connection with the use of the content of the site.

Bonus Tiime does not guarantee that the Site remains, at all times and in all circumstances, accessible and free from any inaccuracy. Bonus Tiime cannot therefore be held responsible for any damage or inconvenience that the User may suffer as a result of incorrect, inaccurate or missing information or as a result of a lack of clarity in the information provided by Bonus Tiime on the Site or information provided by third parties about such services, for example on a third party website who would refer to it.

Bonus Tiime content is for visitor information only. The content made available to the reader, registration on the site (giving access to the newsletter, tournaments and tools), participation in tournaments are services made available free of charge.

Access to this site is therefore at the risk and peril of the User, who declares to be informed that they may be subject to other terms of use or other provisions relating to gambling or the protection of privacy and, in general, to rules other than those applicable to the Site.

The User also accepts that the downloading of information that may be put online on the Site and the use of these is under his own responsibility. He is solely responsible for any damage caused to his computer or any other means used to access the content put online by Bonus Tiime and the possible loss of any data that results from downloading or using this information.

User responsibility

The User agrees to:

– use the Site in accordance with the law and the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy; he further agrees to use the Services online as a good father;

– not to take any action of any kind whatsoever, such as communicating, posting or disseminating data and/or content that would be contrary to the law, would undermine public order, or the rights of Bonus Tiime or third parties;

– communicate during any use of the Site information whose veracity and accuracy it guarantees; he further undertakes to communicate information whose content is updated;

– not to make or attempt to make changes to the content of the Site or to the services offered therein by Bonus Tiime, without the prior agreement of Bonus Tiime and in particular, not to introduce data, of any nature whatsoever, on the Site or any other medium used by Bonus Tiime to offer the technology and services described on the Site, such as other sites internet, applications, logos, photos or other data, nor create hyperlinks or connection with other websites or applications without the explicit, written and prior authorization of Bonus Tiime;

– refrain from any act having the direct or indirect effect of causing malfunctions or unavailability (temporary or permanent) of the Site;

– refrain from reproducing or communicating, without the authorization of Bonus Tiime, on any medium whatsoever, in whole or in part the content of the Site;

Likewise, the Site as well as all the content to which it gives access, directly or indirectly, including texts, drawings, images, databases, programs, logos, etc., are intended exclusively for Users, i.e. Users with

accepted the content of the Legal Notice, to the exclusion of any other third party.

Users therefore undertake to refrain from giving access to the Site to third parties without the prior agreement of Bonus Tiime and without that they have consented to the Legal Notice.

In the event of non-compliance by the User with the law, the Legal Notices or the Privacy policy, Bonus Tiime is authorized to suspend or terminate access to the User’s Site, without prior warning.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Bonus Tiime site and its content are protected by intellectual property rights, the sole holder and owner of which remains Bonus Tiime. Any reproduction, representation, modification, adaptation, translation, extraction, by any process whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever, on all or part of the site and/or its elements, without having obtained the authorization prior written notice of prejudice to any other Bonus Tiime recourse, is strictly prohibited.

Any reproduction, imitation, use or affixing of any of the brands reproduced on the site, without having obtained the prior written authorization of Bonus Tiime, is strictly prohibited.

Bonus Tiime and/or the holder of the intellectual property rights relating to any element of the site reserve the right to engage legal proceedings against any person who does not respect the aforementioned prohibitions.

The User is only authorized to access the Site and its content in accordance with and within the limits defined by the Mentions legal.

Modification of the site and legal notices

Bonus Tiime reserves the right to modify or withdraw, at any time and without prior warning, all or part of the content of the site.

These Legal Notices are also likely to be updated in the same way as the Privacy Policy of Bonus Time.

Their content, as available on the Site when accessed, applies during the session during which the User uses the Site. Bonus Tiime will inform the User of any modification by mentioning the date of the last modification, as well as only the latest version available on the Site.

Protection of personal data Bonus Tiime takes the greatest care in protecting Users’ personal data.

Protection of personal data

Bonus Tiime takes the greatest care in protecting Users’ personal data.

The Privacy policy is an integral part of the Legal Notice.


The nullity of one or more provisions of the Legal Notice in no way affects the validity, applicability and character binding on the other provisions.

If one or more provisions are deemed or declared invalid on the basis of a law, regulation or decision administrative or judicial, the other provisions shall retain their full effect. The invalid provision is then replaced by a new provision likely to reproduce as far as possible the initial objectives of the invalid provision.

In the event of disputes relating to the formation, interpretation and execution of the provisions contained in the Legal Notice, only the Court of the place of establishment of the headquarters of Bonus Tiime will be competent.

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