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  • Saturday 25 May.

    Manchester City


    Manchester United


  • Sunday 26 May.





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Presentation of the Free Sport Bets Tournament

Bet on 5 football matches, predict the scores, and win vouchers for our store! Confirm your bet and improve your chances by modifying it up to 15 minutes before the game starts.

How to participate to the Free Sport Bets Tournament


1. Register on Bonus Tiime or create a new account here

It will only take you 2 minutes and will allow you to see your number of points and ranking in every tournament through your personal dashboard.

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2. Bet every week on new football games

5 new football games among the best leagues in Europe will be selected every week. So stay tuned and add new prognosis every Monday. In case a top player gets injured or if you change your mind about the result of the match, you are allowed to change your bet up to 15 min before the start of a game.

Sports Betting Tournaments

Sports betting tournaments have gained significant popularity in recent years. These tournaments offer an exciting and competitive platform for sports enthusiasts to showcase their betting skills and win attractive prizes. From football contests to niche sports competitions, there are various types of tournaments available for participants to choose from. In this article, we will explore the world of online sports betting tournaments and provide valuable insights on how to participate and succeed in these events.

A Weekly Football Betting Bonanza

Welcome to the ultimate football betting challenge brought to you by BonusTiime, where the excitement of European football meets the thrill of competition—all for free. Dive into a world where your knowledge of football can lead to real rewards, with no financial risk. The Free Sport Bet Tournament is not just a game; it’s a weekly quest for glory, pitting your wits against the unpredictability of football.

How It Works: The Heartbeat of European Football

Each week, BonusTiime handpicks five football matches from Europe’s premier leagues for the tournament. This curated selection ensures you’re betting on the best and most exciting matches. Here’s what you need to know to get started:

  • Weekly Selections: Every Monday, fresh matches are announced, giving you a whole new set of opportunities to make your predictions.
  • Flexibility to Adapt: Football is full of surprises. That’s why you’re allowed to change your bet up to 15 minutes before the game starts, ensuring you have the edge even if last-minute news changes the game’s outlook.

The Prizes: Where Competition Meets Reward

The Free Sport Bet Tournament is all about the joy of winning, with a generous sprinkle of friendly competition. Here’s what’s on the line:

  • Win Up to €150 Weekly: Every week, you stand a chance to win cash prizes based on your performance.
  • Real-Time Rankings: Keep an eye on the leaderboard to see how you and your friends fare in real-time.

Earning Points

  • Winning Team Bet: Predicting the winning team earns you 10 points.
  • Close to Exact Score: More points are awarded for predictions close to the exact score.
  • Exact Score Bet: Hitting the nail on the head with the exact score nets you 25 points.
  • No Points for Losses: Choosing the losing team adds no points to your score.

Weekly Prizes

The top 10 players each week are rewarded with points redeemable in the BonusTiime store, with the prizes distributed as follows:

  1. 1st Place: €50
  2. 2nd Place: €35
  3. 4th Place: €20
  4. 5th & 6th Places: €10 each

Why Participate? The Benefits of Joining

  • It’s Free: Dive into the world of sports betting without any entry fees.
  • Win Prizes: Weekly cash prizes make every bet exciting.
  • Improve Your Skills: Use this platform to hone your betting strategies.
  • Community and Competition: Engage with a community of football fans and bettors.

A Bridge to Online Casino Success

For those familiar with sports betting but new to online casinos, this tournament offers a unique opportunity to use your sports betting experience to win credits that can be used in online casino games. It’s a seamless transition from the excitement of sports to the thrill of the casino.

Conclusion: Your Arena Awaits

The Free Sport Bet Tournament by BonusTiime isn’t just about betting on football—it’s about being part of a community that shares your passion. Whether you’re here to test your prediction skills, compete with friends, or just for the love of the game, this tournament promises a week filled with excitement and the potential for reward. Step into the arena where your football knowledge shines, and let each week be a new chapter in your story of competition and triumph.

FAQ on Bonus Tiime Free Bet Tournament

What types of sports betting tournaments are available?  

Sports betting tournaments vary widely, including everything from football contests to niche sports competitions. The Free Sport Bet Tournament by Bonus Tiime specifically focuses on European football, providing a platform for enthusiasts to engage in weekly betting challenges.

How does the Free Sport Bet Tournament work?  

Each week, Bonus Tiime selects five football matches from Europe’s top leagues for participants to bet on. Bets can be adjusted up to 15 minutes before the game starts, allowing participants to react to last-minute changes in the game’s outlook. Points are awarded based on the accuracy of the bets, with additional points for exact or near-exact score predictions.

What are the prizes for the Free Sport Bet Tournament?  

The tournament offers weekly cash prizes with the potential to win up to €150. The top 10 players each week receive points redeemable in the BonusTiime store, with the first place receiving €50, second place €35, and other top positions also receiving cash rewards.

Are there any fees to join the Free Sport Bet Tournament?  

No, joining the Free Sport Bet Tournament is completely free. This allows participants to engage in sports betting without any financial risk, making it an appealing option for both beginners and experienced bettors.

What are the benefits of participating in this sports betting tournament?  

Participants enjoy several benefits, including the opportunity to win weekly prizes without any entry fees. The tournament also helps improve betting strategies and provides a platform to engage with a community of football fans and bettors. Additionally, it serves as a bridge for those familiar with sports betting to transition into online casino games, using earned credits.

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