How to Manage your Online Casino bankroll ?


What is online casino Bankroll?

Bankroll management is about determining the maximum amount you can play in total. In other words, how much you will invest in your games.

What is the point of Bankroll management?

It doesn’t matter if you play poker, sports betting, casino or other gambling games. It will help you to not cross limits. Similarly, your bank account, you should never fall into the red.

Where can I create my Bankroll management sheet?

You can create your Bankroll management sheet from excel or in a Google sheet.

Excel or Google sheet to manage your online casino bankroll

We advise you to create a chart where you can determine and rate the amount that you want to play every month, and after every session fill up the amount you played.

How to set up it?

You are free to manage your Bankroll as you wish, but we recommend you to not put more than 20% of your monthly income into your Bankroll.

Once it is determined, what should I do?

Let’s say you decide to deposit €400/month, you should never play more than that amount each month.

Firstly, if you want to play every day, you need to closely follow your Bankroll. For example, if you play casino, you should play €13 per day (400 / 30 = €13). So, if you play in stack €1, you can play 13 games per day, if you play in stack €0.10, you can play 130 games per day.

In general, player wants their gaming session to last for a while. So we recommend that you play lower in order to get the most out of your gaming session, whether it is beneficial or lossy, this should not affect you.

Will I make money with a good management?

The casino or all forms of gambling are always winner on a long-term basis. The bankroll is mainly used to limit losses in order to have a better time. Above all, never forget that you are there to have a good time and entertain yourself. Not to win money-for-living.

Therefore, if you love the casino and especially slots but don’t want to deposit money, we offer you the free slots section on our website which allows you to play the most popular slots without money.

What is the golden rule for my Bankroll?

Firstly, you should never exceed the amount that you have determined. For example, if one day you play for €40 instead of €13, you should not play money for the next 2 days. But, if you win, you can take the liberty of playing a little more. But not without exceeding the maximum loss set by your bankroll.

Golden rule to manage your online casino bankroll

In the gain as in the loss you need to always respect your bankroll and never forget that casinos always win at the end.

The bankroll is here to help you not to exceed your own limits, it is when you go beyond your limits that problems arise.

I can not keep up with my Bankroll limit, what should I do?

If you are unable to respect your bankroll, the best advice is to stop gambling, we invite you to visit this specialized website that will help you to stop:


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