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Brentford vs Arsenal : Predictions, Free Betting Tips and Match Preview

Match Preview

In the world of Premier League football, the upcoming match between Brentford and Arsenal, scheduled for Saturday, November 25, 2023, at the Gtech Community Stadium, holds a unique place. Set for an 18:30 CET (17:30 GMT) kick-off, this Matchday 13 fixture, overseen by referee Tim Robinson, may not headline the week’s football action, but it certainly carries its own charm. Both teams, while not in the most critical phase of their campaigns, will be keen to showcase their skills and strategy on the field. This game, nestled comfortably in the middle of the season, offers a chance for players to shine and for fans to enjoy a spirited match in the beautiful game’s ongoing narrative.

The Stakes of the Match

As Brentford prepares to host Arsenal in their upcoming Premier League match, the stakes are uniquely set for each team based on their current league standings. Brentford, positioned between 11th and 16th in the league, faces a crucial moment to either solidify their mid-table status or potentially ascend higher. This match offers them a significant opportunity, especially playing at home, to gain points and improve their ranking. For Brentford, the motivation lies in leveraging their home advantage to climb up the league table and possibly push towards the top half, marking a step forward in their campaign.

Arsenal, with a ranking fluctuating between 3rd and 27th, enters the match with different stakes. Currently among the top contenders, they face the pressure of maintaining their high position and possibly pushing for a top spot. For Arsenal, every match counts significantly in their quest to remain at the upper echelons of the league. In terms of motivational advantage, it seems Arsenal has a more pronounced one. Their higher ranking and the pressure to stay near the top endow them with a stronger incentive to secure a win. However, Brentford’s desire to rise from their mid-table position and the advantage of playing on their home turf adds a layer of unpredictability to the match dynamics.

State of Form

Brentford’s recent form in the Premier League paints a picture of a team with resilience and potential, but also inconsistency. Their standing, fluctuating between 11th and 16th, is reflective of a season where they have had moments of brilliance interspersed with setbacks. In their last five league games, Brentford’s performance has been a mixed bag, with three wins and two losses. This pattern indicates a team capable of securing victories, yet also vulnerable to occasional lapses. Key players in their squad have shown the ability to tilt games in their favor, but maintaining consistency remains their biggest challenge.

Arsenal, currently positioned between 3rd and 27th in the league, demonstrates a more consistent and formidable form. Their last five Premier League results – comprising three wins, a draw, and a loss – suggest a team that is hard to beat and often finds ways to secure points, even in challenging fixtures. Arsenal’s strength this season has been their ability to bounce back from setbacks, showcasing both tactical flexibility and mental toughness. Key players have stepped up in crucial moments, contributing to their high league position and making them a formidable opponent in any matchup.

Looking at the head-to-head record, Arsenal has the upper hand with 7 wins, compared to Brentford’s 6, and 5 draws between them. The last encounter in the league cup saw Arsenal edge out Brentford with a narrow 1-0 victory. Considering the current form and recent performances, Arsenal appears to have a slight form advantage going into this match. Their higher league position, consistent performances, and ability to grind out results, especially in tight games, give them an edge. However, Brentford’s recent wins in the league suggest they cannot be underestimated, especially when playing with the support of their home crowd.

The Groups

Brentford enters this match with a significant challenge in player availability. Key players such as Mbeumo, with an impressive tally of 6 goals and 2 assists in the Premier League, and Wissa, contributing 3 goals and 1 assist, are expected to be crucial for their offensive strategy. Neal Maupay, too, has shown form with 1 goal and 2 assists in the last four matches. However, their lineup is weakened by the absence of several important players due to injuries, including Henry, Hickey, Damsgaard, Lewis-Potter, Schade, and substitute Dasilva. A major blow for Brentford is the suspension of Ivan Toney, who was instrumental last season with 20 goals. This combination of injuries and suspension could impact Brentford’s performance, particularly in their attacking prowess.

Arsenal, meanwhile, faces its own set of challenges with key player absences. The injury list includes Gabriel Jesus and Partey, summer recruit defender Timber, and substitute winger Smith Rowe. Additionally, Vieira is suspended following a red card. However, players like Saka, with 4 goals and 4 assists, and Martinelli, contributing 1 goal and 2 assists, along with Trossard, who has netted 3 goals and made 1 assist, are in notable form and expected to play pivotal roles in Arsenal’s approach to the game. The uncertainty over the participation of captain Odegaard, who has 3 goals and 1 assist, adds an element of unpredictability. Despite these challenges, Arsenal’s depth and form of key players seem to give them a stronger edge over Brentford, who are significantly hampered by injuries and suspensions.


Brentford Predicted Lineup (5-3-2):

  • Flekken
  • Ajer
  • Zanka
  • Pinnock
  • Mee
  • Roerslev
  • Norgaard
  • Jensen
  • Janelt
  • Mbeumo
  • Wissa


  • Henry
  • Hickey
  • Damsgaard
  • Lewis-Potter
  • Schade
  • Dasilva (substitute)
  • Ivan Toney (suspended)



Arsenal Predicted Lineup (4-3-3):

  • Ramsdale
  • White
  • Saliba
  • Gabriel
  • Zinchenko
  • Odegaard
  • Jorginho
  • Rice
  • Saka
  • Jesus
  • Martinelli


  • Gabriel Jesus
  • Partey
  • Timber (summer recruit defender)
  • Smith Rowe (substitute winger)
  • Vieira (suspended)


  • Odegaard

Match-up History

The historical encounters between Brentford and Arsenal have produced a closely contested head-to-head record. To date, Arsenal edges slightly ahead with 7 wins, while Brentford has secured 6 victories, and 5 matches have ended in draws. This competitive history underscores a rivalry that, while not the most prominent in the Premier League, has seen its share of memorable moments and tightly fought matches.

The most recent head-to-head clash in the League Cup saw Arsenal triumph with a narrow 1-0 victory over Brentford. This result adds another chapter to their ongoing rivalry and sets the stage for their upcoming Premier League match. The relatively balanced nature of their past encounters suggests that matches between Brentford and Arsenal are often unpredictable and can swing either way, depending on the form and strategy of the teams on the day.

Key Points

Brentford Key Points:

  • League Ranking: Positioned between 11th and 16th in the Premier League as of November 25.
  • Recent Form: Last five Premier League games: Lost, Won, Won, Won, Lost.
  • Predicted Lineup (5-3-2): Flekken; Ajer, Zanka, Pinnock, Mee, Roerslev; Norgaard, Jensen, Janelt; Mbeumo, Wissa.
  • Key Absences: Henry, Hickey, Damsgaard, Lewis-Potter, Schade, substitute Dasilva, and Ivan Toney (suspended, 20 goals last season).
  • Head-to-Head Record: 6 wins against Arsenal, with 5 draws.

Arsenal Key Points:

  • League Ranking: Placed between 3rd and 27th in the Premier League as of November 25.
  • Recent Form: Last five Premier League games: Won, Lost, Won, Draw, Won.
  • Predicted Lineup (4-3-3): Ramsdale; White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko; Odegaard, Jorginho, Rice; Saka, Jesus, Martinelli.
  • Key Absences: Gabriel Jesus, Partey, summer recruit defender Timber, substitute winger Smith Rowe, and Vieira (suspended).
  • Head-to-Head Record: 7 wins against Brentford, with 5 draws.

Bet Tips

Brentford’s performance this season has been a tale of unpredictability and resilience. Positioned between 11th and 16th in the Premier League as of November 25, their campaign has been a mix of highs and lows, as reflected in their last five games: two losses interspersed with three consecutive wins. The absence of key players like Ivan Toney and others due to injuries could impact their offensive capabilities. However, Brentford has shown an ability to pull off surprises, especially at home, making them a team that can’t be taken lightly. Their predicted 5-3-2 formation suggests a focus on a strong defensive setup with potential for quick counter-attacks.

Arsenal, on the other hand, has maintained a strong position in the league, ranking between 3rd and 27th. Their recent form, marked by three wins, a draw, and a loss in the last five games, shows a level of consistency and resilience. The absence of key players like Gabriel Jesus and Partey could pose challenges, but Arsenal’s depth and the form of players like Saka and Martinelli provide them with a solid foundation. Given the head-to-head record and Arsenal’s recent form, they are slightly favored to win, as indicated by the match odds (Arsenal win: 1.76). However, Brentford’s unpredictability and home advantage could play a crucial role. A recommended bet would be on Arsenal to win, with a success probability around 60-65%, considering both teams’ current form and lineup strengths.


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