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Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of POP Royale, expertly designed by AvatarUX. Offering both captivating gameplay and bountiful rewards, it's a slot game you won't want to miss. Explore top casinos and enhance your chances of winning big!

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Online casino enthusiasts, ever eager to delve into the latest online slot wonders? Then, buckle up because AvatarUX is taking us on an exhilarating ride with their new offering, POP Royale. With a theme that resonates with the thrills of a battle royale game, coupled with Fortnite-inspired aesthetics, this slot is more than just a spin-to-win experience. It's an immersive journey full of dynamic features, brilliant design elements, and enticing chances for a max win.

As we dive deeper into this article, we'll not only unravel the mysteries of the demo but also provide an exhaustive review to ensure you fully grasp every nuance of this captivating slot. Whether you're here to try the free demo or just to understand the intricate details, we've got you covered. Welcome to the world of POP Royale!

POP Royale slot

Demo Spotlight of POP Royale by Bonus Tiime

AvatarUX Online Slots Provider

In the ever-evolving landscape of online casinos, AvatarUX stands out as a leading provider, renowned for its innovative slot designs and cutting-edge gaming mechanics. This provider consistently raises the bar, offering casino enthusiasts immersive experiences paired with high-quality visuals in every online slot they craft. Dive into AvatarUX’s world for unmatched gaming adventures.

Specifications of POP Royale Online Slot

Dive deep into the specifics of POP Royale, an online slot that boasts an impressive dynamic grid with 5 reels and a varying row count from 3-6. With its unique configuration, players are treated to an initial 243 ways to win, which can exponentially expand up to a staggering 59,049 ways during gameplay.

Drawing parallels with the acclaimed Cherry Pop, POP Royale imbibes similar mechanics, enhancing the gaming experience for its players. When it comes to stakes on Stake, the versatility in betting options, ranging from 0.20 to 40, ensures that both casual gamers and high-rollers find their sweet spot.

POP Royale slot big win


In the bustling world of online slots, POP Royale boasts an impressive 97.96% RTP (Return to Player). Such a high RTP is a clear indicator of generous returns for players, making it an attractive option for those seeking optimal gaming value.


The high volatility of POP Royale is noteworthy. With this feature, players might experience periods of fewer wins, but when they hit, they’re typically bigger and more rewarding. It’s perfect for those who thrive on anticipation and high-stakes excitement.

Max Win

The potential max win in POP Royale is a whopping 10,000x the bet. To put this in perspective, a mere stake of 1€ could yield a staggering 10,000€ win. This lucrative multiplier offers players the chance at significant returns on their bets.


The theme of POP Royale is reminiscent of an action-packed battle royale, much like the exhilarating scenarios in movies/series like The Hunger Games. Players are transported to a vibrant, combat-laden world, making every spin a thrilling adventure in this cinematic slot experience.

Features of POP Royale’s Online Slot

Dive into the immersive world of POP Royale, an online slot teeming with innovative features that elevate the gaming experience. Tailored for our casino aficionados, these features promise not only thrilling spins but also heightened chances of striking gold.

POP Royale slot features

Ante Bet

The Ante Bet is a strategic play in POP Royale, allowing players to essentially up their stakes. By making an additional wager, players increase their probability of unlocking the coveted Free Spins, making the game even more enthralling.


POP Royale’s signature mechanic, PopWins, offers dynamic gameplay. When players achieve a winning combination, the winning symbols are replaced, and the reel height expands. This opens up the possibility for more wins in a cascading manner, enhancing the slot’s appeal.

POP Royale slot feature popwins

Free Spins

Unlocking the Free Spins is a gamer’s delight. Achieved when all reels expand to their maximum height, this feature not only offers additional spins at no cost but also comes with multipliers, amplifying the potential winnings significantly.

POP Royale slot free spins

Gamble Wheel

For those feeling a bit adventurous, the Gamble Wheel awaits. Players can risk their Free Spins for a chance to win even more. But tread with caution: a wrong gamble might send you back to the base game, albeit with an adrenaline rush!


The Multiplier in POP Royale is a game-changer. With every win, the multiplier value can increase, ensuring that subsequent wins get amplified. Especially during Free Spins, this can culminate in a rewarding crescendo.

POP Royale slot feature multiplier

Bonus Buy Feature

If patience isn’t your strong suit, POP Royale’s Bonus Buy Feature lets you jump straight to the action. For a set price, players can directly purchase Free Spins or a spin on the Gamble Wheel, fast-tracking their way to potential big wins.

POP Royale slot bonus buy

How to Play to POP Royale’s Online Slot

Engaging in the rich tapestry of the POP Royale online slot is an exciting venture for casino enthusiasts. For newcomers or seasoned players looking to revisit the basics, here’s a quick guide. Initiate your game by selecting your preferred stake size. Once done, hit the spin button and watch the reels come to life. This slot boasts intricate and vibrant symbols, each with its distinct value. While lower-valued symbols provide frequent, smaller wins, the high-value ones are your ticket to that tantalizing max win. Being familiar with the symbol values aids in strategizing and heightening the gaming experience.

For those keen on delving into the game’s demo before diving into the real deal, many online casinos offer a sneak peek into the action. It’s a perfect way to familiarize oneself with the game dynamics and symbol values. And always remember, whether you’re playing the demo or wagering real money, POP Royale promises an enthralling journey packed with opportunities.

POP Royale slot paytable

Review of the Online Slot POP Royale by Bonus Tiime

In the sprawling world of online slots, POP Royale stands out with its vivid and electrifying theme. The game draws inspiration from the lively cartoon aesthetics reminiscent of popular games like Fortnite, presenting players with a visual treat as they spin the reels. This fresh approach to thematics, with bold colors and animated sequences, sets POP Royale distinctly apart from its predecessors.

Yet, where POP Royale truly shines is in its impressive 10,000x bet max win potential. Such a lucrative offering is bound to keep both novice and seasoned players on the edge of their seats, as they chase that life-changing payout. This feature alone makes the slot a must-try for those pursuing high rewards.

For players familiar with the Pop series, like PixiePop, POP Royale feels both nostalgic and innovative. While Relax Gaming took a similar thematic plunge with Cluster Tumble, the unique blend of elements in POP Royale ensures it carves its own niche in the bustling casino world.

Advices and Tips to Play POP Royale

Get ready to improve your online slots experience! We offer a range of tutorials and articles for both beginners and seasoned players. These invaluable resources will guide you towards a more strategic and enjoyable gaming session. So, dive in and boost your online slot prowess today!

Quick informations

  • RTP: 97.96%

  • Provider: AvatarUX

  • Volatility: Medium

  • Max Win: 10,000 x

  • Popularity: Medium

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  • Release date: 08-11-2023

  • Free Spins: Yes

  • Min bet: €0.2

  • Max bet: €40.0

  • Autoplay: Yes

  • Gamble feature: Yes

  • Available on Mobile: Yes

  • Bonus buy: Yes

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