Engaging in totals betting introduces a fresh perspective to sports wagering. Instead of rooting for a particular team, the main focus shifts to the aggregate score. The winner and the margin by which they win are secondary.

Diving Into Totals Betting

In totals betting, the bookmaker predicts a combined score for the game. Your role? Determine whether the actual score will exceed (over) or fall short (under) of this projection. For instance, if you’re optimistic that the collective scores of Cleveland and Boston will surpass 219 points, you’d bet on “the over.” Conversely, anticipating a defensive clash with a cumulative score below 219 would steer you towards “the under.” Though we’re referencing an NBA match, it’s essential to note that this betting style is prevalent across various sports with point-based outcomes.

Understanding Payouts in Totals Betting

Observing our previous example, you’d see odds like -115 or -110 aligned with the over and under options. Similar to the moneyline betting, these odds elucidate the potential returns.

However, don’t expect to double your stake instantly. It’s common in over/under betting for sportsbooks to determine equal chances for both outcomes. But there’s room for change.

If two teams notorious for their high scores and lax defenses are playing, sportsbooks might lean towards the “over” as a favorite. On the contrary, when teams are recognized for their subdued scoring, the “under” becomes more appealing

You might wonder about the fairness of staking $110 to potentially win $100. Especially when there’s an implied 50/50 chance. This 10% commission, commonly termed “vig” or “juice,” keeps sportsbooks operational and profitable. It’s the hidden cost of online sports betting.

A Special Mention: The Grand Salami

Bonus tiime NHL player

For NHL enthusiasts, there’s a unique twist on totals betting named “The Grand Salami.” This bet revolves around the total goals scored in all NHL matches on a given day.

A typical NHL over/under is set at 5.5. To get the Grand Salami, this number is multiplied by the day’s total games. So, if the NHL roster has two matches, say Pittsburgh vs. New York and Vancouver vs. Edmonton, the Grand Salami could hover around 11 for both over and under.

Using this example, a 3-1 result for Pittsburgh vs. New York and a 4-1 outcome for Edmonton vs. Vancouver means the night ends with 9 goals. Those who bet on the Grand Salami’s “under” would celebrate. But if the scores were 6-5 and 4-2, totaling 17 goals, the “over” bettors would be in high spirits.

Bonus Tiime Conclusion

Totals betting presents a unique opportunity for sports enthusiasts to explore a different facet of sports wagering, one that goes beyond merely supporting a team. By understanding the intricacies of over/under bets, including the associated odds, payouts, and the ever-intriguing “Grand Salami” in the NHL, bettors can not only diversify their betting strategies but also enhance their overall enjoyment of the game.

It’s essential, as with all forms of gambling, to be informed, strategic, and mindful of the risks. But for those who master the art and science of totals betting, it can offer a fresh, exhilarating, and potentially profitable way to engage with the world of sports.

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