Super Bic Bo

What is Super Bic Bo?

Made by Evolution Gaming, Super Bic Bo is a simplified Craps game, it’s a 3-dice game where you can bet on which combinations the dice will land.

Which casino can I play Lightning Blackjack at?

You can play Super Bic Bo on Stake, Cresus and Arlequin, the 3 sites mentioned are also available on mobile and tablet versions as well.

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How to play Super Bic Bo?

The Super Bic Bo is a glass carboy with a vibrating bottom which contains the 3 dices, each game the dices are shaken in the glass box and once stopped, the sum of the 3 dices gives the result.

Here is the grid where you can place your starting bet below:

Small: betting on a small result (4 to 10) which will get you x1 your bet.

Big: betting on a high result (11 to 17) which will get you x1 your bet

Pair: betting on an even result of the sum of the 3 dice, which will get you x1 your stake.

Odd: betting on an odd result of the sum of the 3 dice, which will get you x1 your bet.

Single: betting one side of a dice: if you choose Two, one of the 3 dice must land on the 2.

Double: betting on 2 dice: 2 out of 3 dices need to land on the chosen number

Triple: betting on 3 dice: 3 out of 3 dices need to land on the chosen number (5 – 5 – 5, you will be paid x150 your initial bet)

Any Triple: betting on any potential triple, (5 – 5 – 5, 2 – 2 – 2 etc.) you will be paid x30 your bet.

Total: betting on the total sum of the dices: if you bet on 16 you can have 5 + 5 + 6 or 4 + 6 + 6 for example, it does not work with 3 and 18 because it only works with 1 – 1 – 1 and 6 – 6 – 6.

Combination: betting on the 16 possible combinations of the two dices, you will be paid x5 your initial bet.

How does the Lightning multiplier function work?

After each roll of the dices there are multipliers which falls randomly on the game grid, the maximum multiplier for the Lightning is x1,000.  So, if you bet €20 on 7 and the multiplier land on x1,000 you will get €20,000.

What is the RTP of Super Sic Bo?

The RTP of the Super Sic Bo is between 95% and 97%.

What are the strategies and tips for Super Sic Bo?

As all casino games, Super Sic Bo is based on luck, you cannot influence the result of the game. But you can optimize the way you play and bet with tips and strategies to play smarter.

There is no real strategy in Super Sic Bo as the outcome is mainly random, however, we advise you to bet more on what is less volatile such as, for example betting on Small 4 – 10 or on Big of 11 – 17 which refunds your starting bet.

You can also combine by betting low money on higher volatility bet such as all the triplets which will bring you x150 your bet.

You can also make intermediate bets on the numbers which have the highest probability, for example 9 – 10 – 11 – 12 which will pay you x6 your bet and which have more straightness.

Our opinion on the Super Sic Bo

Evolution Gaming offers a simplified Craps which will be much more accessible to beginners, however if you have correctly understood how Super Sic Bo works, we invite you to come and read our article on Craps here: Craps.

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